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Author of (never) to be published (or written) cookbook for singles.
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Surprisingly, I was the only one who used these props at a steakhouse party.

I’m singing songs all day at Brown’s Island for the paddle boarders. Come put money in my tip jar. #LetItGo #splash&dash (at Brown’s Island)

My mom bought me a Grumpy Cat on QVC.

I hope they do a duet to “Fuck Her Gently”? (at VELOCITY COMICS Official Page)

Tonight is the roast @mattmoment Happy Birthday Matt, if I didn’t look like your wife, we’d probably not be friends. (at VELOCITY COMICS Official Page)

Would you like tears with your margarita? Salt, I mean salt.

Made it on the Kiss Cam! #cardsfangram (at Busch Stadium Saint Louis Mo)

My little guy & his Build-a-Fredbird. #cardsfangram (at Busch Stadium Saint Louis Mo)

Cheers! @kelsuehendu (at Busch Stadium Saint Louis Mo)

On the field with Mick. #americanfreedoms #FoundingStepFather (at Busch Stadium Saint Louis Mo)

Katie Jones’ Homeland #americanfreedoms (at Busch Stadium Saint Louis Mo)

Fall Line Fest playlist omg 2014!!!

Happy birthday to my big sister!


Jenn Pelly talks with Lukas Moodysson, the Swedish director behind the new film We Are the Best!, which chronicles the adventures of two young punks named Bobo and Klara: “There is a scene in the film where Bobo is sad because she has thrown up all over these records at a party. She says, ‘Nothing in my life is going right.’ And Klara says, ‘You have a friend that really likes you. You even have two friends who really like you.’ I mean, that is a luxury. To have one friend is actually enough sometimes. But two friends? That is a fantastic thing.”

I have a new ride & she should be ready by Sunday! #rva #mopeds